Aikido of Del Mar is committed to the teaching of Budo or martial way.

Its holistic approach to traditional Yoshinkan Aikido training emphasizes strong posture, repetition of basic movements and harmonious techniques specifically designed to develop perfect balance, body center line, focus of energy and breath power. At higher levels of training, timing and speed are added to achieve extremely powerful techniques without the use of aggressive manipulation. Such training develops one’s inner strength, a powerful spirit, which allows the vital life energy ki to flow at ease. In aikido, students learn that powerful techniques cannot be achieved without the proper attitude or state of mind. Aikido must be practiced with an open mind in a spirit of compassion and respect for one another. It is only when the body, mind and heart become unified and in harmony with source energy then aikido techniques are truly expressed.n
Yoshinkan Aikido is the official martial Art of the Tokyo riot police and compulsory training for Tokyo policewomen, making it a particularly efficient system for self-defense without actively harming another. However the “way” of Aikido is a way of life where “life” confounds with “way”. The art of Aikido is a sincere expression of one’s true self by means of the body. The ultimate goal is to express truth, beauty and grace while pursuing self-knowledge and the embodiment of enlightenment.

Classes Offered at Two Locations