Test Requirements

FOR YOUR TEST PREPARATION - video links to all the test requirements from 10th kyu to 4th kyu can be found on this PDF here. Note, you can either copy and paste the links from here onto a new webpage to view the youtube videos, or you can download the PDF file onto your computer in order to use the active links.
ADULT CLASS -- Test Syllabus is published by the Aikido Yoshikan Head Quarters Dojo yearly. Adults and Youth follow the test requirements published by Hombu up to 3rd kyu. You can find the 2018 test requirements in English here.
YOUTH CLASS -- Test Syllabus has been updated for 2017 for both white-purple and brown belt tracks. You can find the 2017 Youth Test Requirements here. You can find the 2017 Youth Brown Belt 3-1 kyu Test Requirements here.
KIDS CLASS -- Aiki-kids class has a new 2017 track to obtain their junior black belt. When all items on the requirements are fulfilled, a junior black belt will be awarded. You can download the new 2017 Aiki-Kids Junior Black Belt Track.