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Monday 6:15-7:00am Buki Class
Monday 7:00-7:45am Aikido Technique
NEW Location: Dance North County Studio (call Jason Sensei for details 619.455.5722)
Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm Private Aikido
Wednesday 4:30-6:30pm Women's Aiki-CORE with yoga, sensitivity training in aikido and applied spiritual practice
NEW Location: Carmel Valley Claire's (call Flo Sensei for details 858.405.3318)
Dojo of the Four Winds is now CLOSED
337 Melrose Ave., Encinitas, CA 92024
Aikido is a lot of things - it is about focus and concentration of energy; it is about blending and unified non-resistance; it is awareness of self and others feelings; it is intuition, humility, beauty and grace. Aikido is also about developing understanding of the laws of nature, which allows us to perform a movement without unnecessary force, without struggle, instead, we use the strength of our integrity from a strong body center-line to unite the body, mind, and spirit. It is about channeling natural energy through the repetition of basic movements and basic techniques for a lifetime achievement. It is also about personal discipline - taking small steps day after day without giving up. It is about perseverance, courage, and determination.
But more importantly it is about love. Love in Aikido? Yes, love is the magic that transforms confrontation into harmony, brutality into tenderness, resentment into wonder. With time and proper training you will be able to change painful techniques into mysterious control, change harsh throws into magical balance. Aikido is all of that and more - and it is simple. Not easy, but simple. You have just to train and train and keep training. It is about not looking for results, instead, just have faith and when in doubt train more. Before you realize it you will have come a long way.
One day you will realize unresolved feelings of negativity turned into a miraculous surrendering, and your internal struggles have somehow melted away. Then one day, your partner will want to experience your magical joint locks and throws again and again because it felt so good. And both of you laugh and laugh because both of you felt the magic of love - as your mind and your heart start to open, you laugh more and feel the lightness of being, the stability of balance, and the joy of appreciation - that's when you have experienced true love. Aikido is simple but not easy. Don't give up when things get tough. Just keep working at it. Bon Courage.
- Jacques Payet Shihan, Mugenjuku Aikido Worldwide