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February News!

February News!

March 1, 2013 @ 9:52 pm
by Flo Li

Hello Everyone,

It has been a productive training month with Jacques Payet Shihan’s visit to Southern California. His aikido teaching as well as his way of being touched us deeply. If you missed his seminars from Los Angeles Aikido, here is a video clip of his teaching we found extremely valuable.


In Aikido Del Mar, many youth students joined the adults in the seminars and have too learned ways to obtain better balance, easier ways to connect and more fluid movements.

In the month of February, we would like to recognize one student in particular – Eeshan Zele, who always trains with a sincere attitude and tireless self-discipline. During the seminar, Eeshan was able to pay close attention to Payet Shihan’s suggestions and internalize the teachings for self-improvement. Eeshan was able to take his learning onward each step of the way. Eeshan’s humble attitude, willingness to learn, and his eagerness to build upon his learning is a great demonstration of the aiki-spirit. We are happy to say “congratulations Eeshan Zele for winning the Spirit Award in the month of February!”

ImageYou are invited to join our facebook group to access the latest videos, photos and more! More videos from Aikido Del Mar can be found on youtube.

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