Training Videos

Yoshikan Aikido Overview - a wonderful way to get your introduction to this beautiful and strong martial arts.
Techniques Section of the March Sandan and YonDan Test conducted by Payet Shihan at Encinitas Aikido.
Jiyu Waza with 3 attackers - bokken, tanto, and bare-hand (last section of the test).
Sunday morning beach tanto (wooden knife) training with Utada kancho of Doshikan Aikido.
Friday night beach bokken (wooden sword) training with Utada kancho - Aiki-Strike - Harmonious Strike.
Friday sunset beach bokken (wooden sword) training at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas.
Bokken Basics #1 - basic stance, how to hold the sword, basic cut.
Bokken Basics #2 - six Yoshinkan Aikido Basic Movements on the right side.
Bokken Basics #3 - Eight direction cut - Happo Giri.
Aikido Ukemi Clinic 1 - forward roll (zenpo kaiten ukemi)
Aikido Ukemi Clinic 2 - backward roll (koho kaiten ukemi)
Aikido Ukemi Clinic 3 - back-break fall (koho ukemi)