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About Aikido

"This clip from Aikido Journal demonstrates the principles of Aikido by the founder Moriehi Ueshiba. The technique arises out of a spiritual state of mind and then it appears in the body."
A little bit about studying with Jacques Payet Sensei in Kyoto Japan.
Yoshikan Aikido Overview - a wonderful way to get your introduction to this beautiful and strong martial arts.

Basic Falls in Yoshinkan Aikido

Aikido Ukemi Clinic 1 - forward roll (zenpo kaiten ukemi)
Aikido Ukemi Clinic 2 - backward roll (koho kaiten ukemi)
Aikido Ukemi Clinic 3 - back-break fall (koho ukemi)

Selected Test Videos

Kids Black Belt Freestyle Test by Paaramita, Uke is Nick
Most recent adult test was Nick - nidan.
Jiyu Waza with 3 attackers - bokken, tanto, and bare-hand (last section of the test).

A Sample of Our Training

Aikido Del Mar Kids Class - 5-9 years old kids learning the 4-direction cut open hand (pre-requisite for next level bokken training).
Edward Sensei teaching beginner kids to take proper fall in Aikido Kids Learning Ukemi - forward roll technique.
Aikido Del Mar weekend Kids class. Kids learn best while playing with each other during organized exercise time.
Youth Class Ukemi (break-fall) timing training.
Youth Class Outdoors Weekend Agility Training before Bokken practice. Warmups.
Youth class working on basic movement #4 with partner. Learning balance, centerline, and shifting of 180 degree focus.
Adult Class working on the Forward Roll Next Level Practice
After the Adult Class, Nick Sensei from the UK show us a few of his moves in this after class playtime.
During Class, Aikido Del Mar learning from Utada Kancho in Katate Mochi movements

Beach Training

Sunday morning beach tanto (wooden knife) training with Utada kancho of Doshikan Aikido.
Friday night beach bokken (wooden sword) training with Utada kancho - Aiki-Strike - Harmonious Strike.
Friday sunset beach bokken (wooden sword) training at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas.
Bokken Basics #1 - basic stance, how to hold the sword, basic cut.
Bokken Basics #2 - six Yoshinkan Aikido Basic Movements on the right side.
Bokken Basics #3 - Eight direction cut - Happo Giri.

Other Videos of Interest

Kevin Pickard sensei (5th dan) of Aikido Del Mar demonstrating during the 10th Mugenjuku Anniversary in Kyoto, 2019
Nick Richardson Sensei (4th dan) from the UK demonstrating during Mugenjuku 10-Year anniversary celebration. Follow him Youtube under "Mugenjuku ON THE MOVE"
Edward Sterrett sensei (5th dan) of Aikido Del Mar demonstrating during the 10th Mugenjuku Anniversary in Kyoto, 2019
Jacques Payet Shihan Aikido Demonstration 2019, Kyoto Japan. HD

How to tie your belt?


Andy Sensei from Mugenjuku Kyoto showing beginners how to maintain the circular strength in your body while doing a forward roll.