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Blog Update

June 15, 2009 @ 2:03 pm
by Flo Li
Hello everyone, We have updated our main dojo site with an additional link Members Only Blogsite to this page.  New pictures from the belt test and seminar are also added onto the Photos page.  You are more than welcome to comment on this blog to help us make further improvements with your valuable suggestions. OSU, Aikido Del Mar

Seminar UPDATE!

June 9, 2009 @ 8:36 pm
by Flo Li
Greetings, A reminder that this coming Saturday, 6/13, we will be hosting our Aikido Seminar. Even if you don't train on Saturday, or even if you only show up for one session, you, and your family and/or friends are also invited to join us for our celebration dinner afterwards. We had originally planned on a pitch-in dinner but have changed  (due to popular demand) to eating at the Pizza Port in Solana Beach (135 N. Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA) near where the west end of Lomas Santa Fe ends at the beach. It is a kid-friendly restaurant. (I'm also [...]

Yoshinkan Aikido Overview

June 9, 2009 @ 7:44 pm
by Flo Li
Morihei Uyeshiba (1883-1968) became a recognized master of aiki-jujutsu and several other arts. As he matured he became a strong proponent of non-aggression. In 1925, he organized a style of budo ("the way of the warrior") to assist his own spiritual and physical development. The result was modern Aikido. The word Aikido is actually three Japanese words AI, KI, and DO that broadly translated means the "way" (DO) of "harmony" (AI) with the "forces of nature" (KI). Aikido is not a conventional fighting art or sport. There are never competitions or tournaments, instead, it is a martial art, which develops [...]