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Brown Belt Essay By Max Bishop

June 30, 2020 @ 2:48 am
by Flo Li
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Mindfulness from dojo to the outside world Zanshin: a state of awareness, of relaxed alertness, in Japanese martial arts   Zanshin doesn’t just help with mindfulness in your aikido movements, it is that. Zanshin is a state of achieving full awareness of everything that is around you, but without having to spend a lot of energy by focusing on it. “your awareness is brought into a direct knowing of experience. This is not just a momentary knowing, but rather it is a knowing that is sustained moment by moment.” Stated The Mindfulness of Aikido: 5 Characteristics of “ZANSHIN”. and, “Zanshin [...]

Falling down and getting back up

June 1, 2020 @ 5:15 am
by Flo Li
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Falling down and getting back up A case study of the effect of the basic back breakfall of Yoshinkan Aikido on the psychosomatic development of children Dojo: Aikido Mugenjuku in Kyoto Reg. number: K-SB-16178 Name: Peter Andersen Date: 2020/5/15 Number of characters: 13.670   Introduction As one learns to stand on two legs, the head and vital organs are lifted further from the ground, making it more dangerous to fall. At the same time the base of support is reduced from four wide points to two narrow ones. All of this combines into the human preferred way of transportation, with a small base [...]