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Harmony resides in Silence

Harmony resides in Silence

April 21, 2020 @ 5:07 pm
by Flo Li
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I asked the aikido kids Saturday during ZOOM if they remember the time we did silent sitting during a Saturday morning class two-month ago. Normally, classes are smaller on the weekend in person, so it was a luxury for us to experience something different with the children.

The featured photo was captured that day – February 15, 2020.
So, yesterday, during ZOOM class, I asked several of the kids if they remember the feeling during silent sitting that day. Without the need to recall or any hesitation, they answered yes. They remember when the moment noise subsided, breathing slowed down, the buzz in the air relaxed, and there weren’t many little ones trying to mediate but somehow they all merged into one giant being – together, in unison.
Silence. Oneness. Aiki.
As I guided the 18 children on ZOOM into another mediation, I watched their posture naturally let go into a beautiful space of relaxed alertness. Some had a gentle smile, some lowered their shoulders, and some radiated love.
Silence. Oneness. Aiki.

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