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AIKI-KIDS (age 5-9 recommended)

Children in this age group learn best when they are having fun, and this group has a lot of fun! Much of the class time is spent in games that have been carefully developed to allow kids to learn self-discipline, respect for others, control of their own body and awareness of what is going on around them. The class environment is positive, encouraging and inclusive. Students are urged, through positive reinforcement, to continually improve. Students are introduced to fundamentals of Aikido: proper and safe Ukemi (falling techniques); the Kihon Dosa (Basic Movements); after progressing through several belt levels they begin to learn the Kihon Waza (Basic Techniques). The grading system gives all children a way for achieving a Kid’s Black Belt in Aikido.

AIKI-YOUTH (age 10-15 recommended)

The class strongly challenges these children to develop their body strength, balance and endurance while strengthening their mental focus and enlarging their awareness of themselves and others. Some of the ways we teach this include: learning proper Aikido etiquette, proper conflict resolution, understanding and compassion. The youth in this group explore the fundamentals of Aikido: proper and safe Ukemi (falling techniques); the Kihon Dosa (Basic Movements); and the Kihon Waza (Basic Techniques), buki techniques (wood weapons) and the challenging freestyle with multiple attackers. Over time and with regular attendance, your child will learn self-discipline, self-defense, increased mental clarity with a positive and respectful attitude. Aiki-Youth students also enjoy parties and bonding time with their aiki-friends.

ADULT CLASSES (16-70+ recommended)

Aikido Del Mar is committed to the teaching of Budo or martial way. Its holistic approach to traditional Yoshinkan aikido training stresses strong posture, constant repetition of basic movements and techniques specifically designed to develop perfect balance, body center line, focus of power and breath power, while timing and speed are added to achieve extremely powerful techniques with zero strength. In the adult class, we spend majority of the time studying the foundational details such as the basic movements, basic techniques, ukemi, and various body awareness exercises to progress our understanding of aikido. Students are asked to let go of aggression within their own bodies and shedding egoic energy in order to learn the true spirit of aiki. Adult students are also introduced to the use of bokken (wooden training sword), jo (staff) and tanto (knife) in their training for further body awareness and ki awareness developments. The adult class follows the yearly International Yoshinkan Aikido test syllabus.

FAMILY CLASS (2nd Saturday Every Month)

Family Class in a way where parents and children can train and play together once a month. FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! During the regular scheduled Saturday kids and youth class, parents are encouraged to join and play. During the regular youth class, higher level training for parents and youth will be provided. Come for one class or stay for both!

ADVANCED TRAINING (brown/black+)

In the brown belt and black belt advance training classes, we emphasize development of a strong spirit in order to allow the vital energy of ki to flow at will in the body. At the same time students deepen their understanding of the mind/body/spirit integration of aikido as the founder intended. Aikido must be practiced with an open mind in a spirit of compassion and respect for each other. It is only when the body, mind and heart become one and in harmony that the technique is truly expressed. This class allows higher-level training and a chance to explore the depth of this Art of Peace. Students come to a deeper understanding of how techniques work. This often requires students to give up old habits including the habit of using strength to “make” a technique work. In this class, we explore joy and freedom experienced when techniques are done in the true spirit of aiki that requires no egoic energy and forceful actions. This type of training is also a doorway for individuals seeking Enlightenment.


30min or 60min private or semi-private classes are offered. Please speak to the instructor of your choice and find a time and location. Kevin sensei offers 30min indoor private classes for test preparation during regular kids/youth training hours in a different BGC room. Flo sensei offers Sunday afternoon outdoor private or semi-private classes (60min or 90min) for continued training or test preparation.