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Jacques Payet Sensei Visiting Aikido Del Mar

Jacques Payet Sensei Visiting Aikido Del Mar

September 3, 2009 @ 1:55 pm
by Flo Li

Internationally known Aikido teacher, Jacques Payet, will be coming to Aikido of Del Mar on Tuesday, 9/15 at 6-8PM, and on Wednesday 9/16 at 7-9PM. Note that the class start time on Tuesday is an hour earlier than usual. This is a very special opportunity to train with such an outstanding teacher and we urge everyone to attend both nights if at all possible. Payet Sensei makes Aikido interesting and accessible to both beginners and more experienced students- it will be a memorable time for all. We will be asking for a $15 donation/class from dues-paying students and $20/class from those not paying regular dues. This will be passed on to Payet to pay expenses- cash appreciated. We will have several guests joining us for this special event.

Payet Sensei has the unique distinction of being uchi-deshi (live-in apprentice) directly under the guidance of Shioda Sensei longer that any other Westerner. He was appointed staff instructor at the Yoshinkan Honbu dojo (world headquarters in Tokyo) and during that time he designed the Foreign Instructor course in 1991 and translated Aikido Shugyo the autobiography of Kancho Gozo Shioda. He was appointed technical director for the English Aikido Yoshinkan Federation. He has taught classes and seminars in many private companies and University clubs in Japan as well as in many other countries in the world.

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