To the Member's Corner for active Aikido Del Mar members. Here you will find the private library collection of Kevin Sensei to be shared with you.
To borrow anything in this library, simply complete the "May I please I borrow" Form to the right. If your request is available, Sensei will bring it to class for you. You may borrow only one item at a time please.
There is no charge to borrow; however, please help to keep this service available to everyone by taking good care of the borrowed property.  Return it as soon as you are done in the same condition in which you receive it.
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Gozo Shioda - Aikido My Spiritual Journeynby Yasuhisa Shioda
Aikido Jinsei: My life in Aikidonby Shioda Gozo
The Warrior Withinnby Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette
Martial Arts Teachers on Teachingnby Carol A. Wiley
The Book of Five Ringsnby Miyamoto Musashi n-two copies available-
Sword and Brushnby Dave Lowry
Shambhalanby Chogaym Trungpa
The Awakened Warriornby Rick Fields
Aikido and the New Warriornby Richard S. Heckler
Hagakurenby Yamoto Tsunetomo
In The Dojonby Dave Lowry
Aikidonby Kisshomaru Ueshiba
Aikido Shugyonby Gozo Shioda
Total Aikidonby Gozo Shioda
Aikido - The Heavenly Roadnby Kenji Shimizu
Abundant Peacenby John Stevens
The Secret of Aikidonby John Stevens
Ki and the way of nthe Martial Artsnby Kenji Tokitsu
The Spirit of Budonby Trevor Leggett
Living Aikidonby Bruce Klicksten
Budo - Teachings of the Founder of Aikidonby Morihei Ueshiba
Budo Training in Aikidonby Morihei Ueshiba
Aikido The Way of Harmonynby John Stevens
Yoshinkan Aikidonby Gozo Shioda
An Obese Wite Gentelman In No Apparent Distressnby Riki Moss
Hidden in Plain Sightnby Ellis Amdur
The Art of Peacenby Morihei Ueshiban-handbook-


Aikido for Kidsnby Laura Santoro and nJenifer Corso
Children and the Martial Artsnby Gaku Homma


Aikido Journalnby aikidojournal.com
Irimi and the power ofnthe Centerlinen