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Mind & Body

Mind & Body

April 23, 2019 @ 6:03 pm
by Flo Li
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A student asked, “Osu Sensei, there’s a quote by the stoic philosopher Seneca – we suffer more in imagination then in reality. And I see this in my own aikido training. On a day I feel weakness in my body, my mind becomes infected with more weakness, and my jiyuwaza falls apart as a result of my imagined gloomy outcome. How do I overcome being defeated by my own mind?”

Answer from Payet Shihan: “In Aikido body and mind must be united. When separated, the mind takes over to control. Through the practice of aikido techniques the body becomes one with the mind. Simply practicing with intent will build strong techniques as well as unite the body, heart, and mind. In aikido, we must practice with joy – and extend the body and mind. The proper practice builds a body where the ligaments and tissues around the bones extends and expands so that the structure of the body can be perfectly balanced without undue tension. This is the foundation for the inner body to be released. When the inner body is released, with the support of gravity, this inner energy can open to fill itself to connect the body, mind, and the universe surrounding us. The result is a vivid confidence, outpour of joy, and graceful flowing motions satisfying the body, mind, and spirit with a profound sense of wellbeing. Then the mind no longer needs to control, it relaxes. The body too, lets go of tension. Then only the simple reality matters. Life becomes so clear and perfectly in sync.”

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