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My Relationship with Aikido by Lucia Evans

My Relationship with Aikido by Lucia Evans

May 9, 2018 @ 8:10 pm
by Flo Li

My Relationship with Aikido (by Lucia Evans)

Aikido meaning the Power of Harmony, of all beings, all things working together.

I asked the Universe for something that would help me move myself forward powerfully. The answer came back loud and clear. Aikido…. You need to practice Aikido.

So for my birthday present last year 2015, I signed up for Aikido. I had had some exposure having taken my Son to it for a couple years, but I never actually invested time to experience it for myself.

Aikido has changed my life. Really truly, I am so lucky that I listened and took action. I felt so disconnected from the earth, floating in space and feeling frustrated not knowing how to bring myself back to a place where I could function in daily life while living as my true self. Feeling safe in my body in an unsafe world has been a huge issue to overcome.

As an Empath, I feel so much all the time. When I was overwhelmed by my feelings, I would just dissociate, and float out of my body. I would feel nauseous if I stayed in my body, and the only way I could deal with the uncomfortable sensations was to leave my body. I did not feel safe..I know I am not the only one who feels this way… I know many others feel this way too. This is why I am sharing my story. Know you are not alone.

Aikido continues to help me feel supported. I feel safe to be held by the earth… the beautiful earth we live on that is always willing to support me. I have developed greater trust with her.. as she supports my body while I allow her to receive me with love. This helps me feel safer in my body in how I relate with myself, others and the external world.

I am so very grateful for my fellow students and teachers Flo Li and Kevin Pickard. I felt so lost and overwhelmed just last year not knowing how to deal with my mind body disconnect. I am so grateful for my teachers who continue to lead me beyond my comfort zone so I can face and feel my true self in my body, developing awareness in how I can stay connected with the Earth and Spirit simultaneously.

I am also grateful for my dear soul sister Chandra who has committed to practicing Aikido every Wednesday in Encinitas. So excited for her transformations since she started 3 weeks ago.

I want to acknowledge Megan Kennedy, Zarko, Opal and Forest for making time to experience the power of Aikido.

Aikido continues to help me see where I am compromising myself.

Each day I learn to deepen my discovery as I stand stronger in MY POWER AND TRUTH with a deeper sense of COMPASSION for each step along my journey of HARMONY and LOVE. I am learning how to work together, while maintaining my connection in relationships even when it gets scary and messy.

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