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Renewals for 2014

Renewals for 2014

January 23, 2014 @ 12:55 pm
by Flo Li

Thanks to everyone we had a great turnout for Kagami Biraki this year. Our friends from Encinitas Aikido also came to this special event to help us renewal our dedication in all of our trainings. We are happy to see good focused demonstrations and many smiling faces celebrating with us for another year with Aikido of Del Mar.

Our 2014 kagami biraki celebration

2014 kagami biraki celebration with Aikido of Del Mar

As a renewal for our aikido training, the youth class already started setting tangible targets to challenge themselves to do their very best. The kids also incorporated many changes so they too can challenge themselves to be more focused, thoughtful, and respectful. New and seasoned students from the adult class are geared up to start jo training to expand their awareness and energy.

Also new this year is “Tea with Sensei”. In the past three sessions we got to hear stories and philosophies behind aikido while sharing a relaxed time to enjoy tea and snacks with each other. This weekend, Joe and Yuri will be hosting tea with Japanese Matcha Green Tea – so bring your own tea cups and enjoy this hot or cool traditional tea used for Japanese tea ceremony.

Here is another photo from kagami biraki – enjoy!

we know how to have FUN!!

we know how to have FUN!!!

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