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Summer – BEST time for beginners

Summer – BEST time for beginners

July 16, 2018 @ 8:13 pm
by Flo Li

Are you looking for some summer activities for the kids? Hotter summer days are still ahead in July and August – consider indoor activities such as aikido for your children. Our indoor air-conditioned facility can calm an agitated or over-heated child with balanced and fun activities.

Aikido offers discipline, confidence, respect, patience, close friendships, positive attitude, better concentration, self-defensive skills, bully avoidance skills, anti-abduction skills and more! Aikido is the “Art of Peace” because it doesn’t teach your child to resolve conflict through aggression but instead aikido shows there’s always a peaceful resolution.

Why summer time is the best time to get started? Our class sizes are SMALL during the summer! That means the beginner students can get more personal attention from instructors to stay safe and engaged. When school starts at the beginning of September, our kids class can sometimes have more than 40 children. Now with less than 10 kids per class, we can give your child the attention he/she needs to get started!

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