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What Aikido Means to Me

What Aikido Means to Me

June 2, 2016 @ 5:01 am
by Flo Li

What Aikido, and Getting A Black Belt,  Means to Me

by Noah, age 12, Encinitas Aikido, Youth Black Belt received on May 31, 2016

Aikido, to me, is a martial art unlike any other. It teaches me to be able to defend myself, but not hurt the person that I am defending myself from. To me, it means to be at peace, and to teach others. It teaches me to be a better person in the world. It also allows me to learn. But, what is the most important thing about Aikido, I think, is that I am being taught it by my awesome Sensei, who went through all of the hard work and dedication she had to in order to get to her level of skill. Not only that, but she learn it from her Sensei, who went through all of his hard work and education, who learned it from his Sensei, who also had do go through great amounts of dedication and hard work, and so forth, all the way until one of my Konchos was learning Aikido in the dojo of O’ Sensei. The beauty of Aikido is that it is a peaceful art that goes back and back and back, and we are still learning about it today. That is what Aikido means to me.

Next, I am going to talk about getting a black belt. Getting a black belt means a lot to me. First off, it shows dedication. It proves that I am a hard, resilient worker that does not intend on giving up. It shows that I am committed, now matter how hard I have to work. Furthermore, it means that I have come a long way with Aikido. It shows all the hours, all the classes, all of the extra practice that I have been through with Aikido. Finally, it means that I am not done. If I have worked so hard, for so long, why should I stop now? It means that I am still learning, still progressing, still getting better, no matter what rank I am, or what color my belt is. That is what getting a black belt means to me.

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