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Summer – BEST time for beginners

July 16, 2018
Are you looking for some summer activities for the kids? Hotter summer days are still ahead in July and August - consider indoor…

Sinking into the Present Moment by Flo Sensei

May 7, 2018
Recently I’ve been increasingly busy with hosting aikido seminars, entertaining out-of-town guests, moving dojos, etc. I’m always…

Happy 2018 from Jacques Payet Shihan, Mugenjuku Aikido

December 19, 2017
It is already the end of 2017. It is time for greetings, wishes, and resolutions! This year I've turned 60. In Japan, this is a…

Why do we test in aikido? (Shodan Essay by Richard Roberts)

October 5, 2017
Shodan Essay: Why do we test in Aikido? What are the benefits and pitfalls of testing? So, at 4am the morning of my shodan test…