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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are grateful for your support as we aim to grow and touch the hearts of more individuals in the coming years. We help low-income families with full or partial scholarship programs. Your tax-deductible donation can be made via cash, check, PayPal, or AmazonSmile.

Interested in aikido? It's easy to try it out first! Just show up with long pants to any of our classes 5min early and take us for a test drive for FREE! If we are a good fit then you can sign up and get your uniform for the next class.
This year we are happy to have the support of local businesses and universities to help our youth understand various professions. We have company/lab tours every Wednesday afternoon. Let us know if you are interested.
This year we have four local ISPE students and one international ISPE student. Remember to write your personal reflections and keep track of your goals!
We will carpool up to St. Ynez, CA on March 18th Wednesday morning with international aikido students. Camping style retreat. Will return on Friday.
We are very fortunate to have Payet Shihan return this year for the March Seminar. Please reserve your spot ASAP!
We have signed lease for an additional location dedicated dojo training space in the Torrey Highlands Shopping Center off of Camino Del Sur. - opening Spring 2020! Current BGC location will still host Kids/Youth class in the future.

Beyond Dojo Training

Even if you can't train in the dojo, consider taking your training to the next level during everyday life! See a sample of our Newsletter for some inspiration no matter where you are.

Payet Shihan Seminar in March

February 4, 2020
Dear All, seminars with Payet Shihan is in March. This is an international seminar and expect seats to be sold out very soon. Please…

Living the Path of Budo

July 16, 2019
平成28年11月13日 「東日本学生居合道連盟50周年式典」 専修大学理事長 日高義博先生 記念講演 Talk…

Huy’s Nidan Essay

July 3, 2019
Question: As you have worked to give up using strength, what have you learned about yourself?  How can this apply to others, including…

June seminar w/Noriki Dojocho in Sacramento

May 3, 2019
June Event Flyer During recent trip to Japan, several US aikido instructors got to meet Masahiko Noriki sensei (7th dan). He is…